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JOHN AUSTON5 TUCKER (SARAH "SALLY"4 ADAMS, JOHN3, WILLIAM F.2, WILLIAM1) was born October 14, 1852 in Paulding Co., Georgia, and died December 29, 1924 in Jones Chapel, Cullman Co., AL. He married SUSAN ANN BRIDGES June 15, 1871 in Paulding Co., Georgia., daughter of THOMAS BRIDGES and MARY SINCLAIR.

Children of JOHN TUCKER and SUSAN BRIDGES are:

i. SEBORN HORATIO6 TUCKER, b. April 21, 1872, Paulding Co., Georgia; d. November 19, 1942, Loan, Cullman Co., AL.; m. REBECCA G. B. NEAL, March 27, 1892, Culman Co., AL..

ii. WILLIAM THOMAS TUCKER, b. September 18, 1874, Winston Co.,; d. April 30, 1955, Loan, Cullman Co., AL.; m. GEORGIA ANN YOUNG, March 21, 1895, Culman Co., AL..

iii. JOHN W. TUCKER, b. August 07, 1877, Cullman Co., AL; d. October 06, 1898, Cullman Co., AL Ginning accident, Logan Gin, Cullman Co., AL..

iv. JAMES CLINTON TUCKER, b. November 01, 1879, Cullman Co., AL; d. August 02, 1963, Sarasota, FL.; m. LILLIE CULPPEPPER, July 22, 1901, Cullman Co., AL..

23. v. HENRY WESLEY TUCKER, b. November 15, 1881, Locan, Cullman Co., AL.; d. May 07, 1958, Cullman, Cullman Co., AL..

vi. CORDELIA TUCKER, b. April 19, 1886, Cullman Co., AL; d. April 28, 1901, Trimble, Culman Co., AL. Bled to death from nose bleed.

vii. ANDREW JACKSON TUCKER, b. May 15, 1884, Cullman Co., AL; d. December 10, 1949, Cullman Co., AL; m. OMA LEWIS, April 24, 1910, Cullman Co., AL..

viii. INFANT DAU TUCKER, b. December 26, 1888, Cullman Co., AL; d. January 09, 1889, Cullman Co., AL.

ix. OVELIA TUCKER, b. May 08, 1890, Cullman Co., AL; d. October 16, 1899, Cullman Co., AL.

x. GEORGE WILEY TUCKER, b. November 23, 1893, Cullman Co., AL; d. July 12, 1972, Cullman Co., AL; m. MAGGIE HOPPER, December 15, 1912, White Oak, Cullman Co., AL..

12. MARY A. "POLLY"5 TUCKER (SARAH "SALLY"4 ADAMS, JOHN3, WILLIAM F.2, WILLIAM1) was born September 03, 1861 in Paulding Co., Georgia, and died April 29, 1926 in Anderson, Lauderdale Co., AL.. She married JOHN SHEDD March 16, 1878 in Cullman Co., AL.

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