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Gary Adams and Oliver Francis Moore visiting in Watson, Louisiana - 2001

Charles Adams of Melville found the oldest living descendant of Alexander Aldridge and Caroline Jones. He is Oliver Francis Moore of Watson, Louisiana who was 83 this past December 3rd. 

The original Adams who come to Louisiana from Rome, Georgia after the Civil War (1861-1865) was Jefferson Moore Adams who married Cecelia Elizabeth Aldridge - the daughter of Alexander Aldridge and Caroline Jones.

Oliver is living with his daughter, Frances now. This is an email from Frances, "This is just to let you know that daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks ago. He is living with me and my family in Denham Springs. We live at 7568 Vincent Road (the big double wide behind Southside Baptist Church). Hospice has begun coming to see daddy. My phone number is 664-6851."

Oliver and his brother, Clarence Leon Moore were in WW II. Oliver joined the Army and Clarence joined the Navy. Their dad, Joseph Moore gave them a book after WW II, "The Fighting Men of Louisiana."

Oliver's daughter, Frances of Denham Springs has the book and the following was copied from the book.

Journal Printing Company, 1946

J. K. Orbison, Editor, J. P. Orbison, Publisher. Presented by Joseph L. Moore

"A History of WW II," Dr. Granville D. Davis.

The Louisiana Historical Institute, Shreveport, Louisiana

Oliver F. Moore, Tec/4, US Army. He was born December 3, 1918 and attended Denham Springs High School, entering the Army on February 10, 1942 at Baton Rouge. He served at Fort McClellan, Alabama; Camp Shelly, Mississippi; and Camp Carrabelle, Florida; where he received amphibious infantry training. He as assigned to duty at Camp Livingston as an ammunition handler.

On January 4, 1944 he went to Hawaii and served also in Papua New Guinea, on Lyete and Luzon in the Philippines, assigned to duty as a radio operator.

NOTE: "Papua New Guinea is bordered on the north by the Bismarck Sea, on the east by the Solomon Sea, on the south by the Coral Sea, the Gulf of Papua, and the Torres Strait, and on the west by the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. Its other nearest neighbors are the Solomon Islands, Australia and Vanuatu to the south, Micronesia to the east and Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines to the north."

He was in combat at Subic Bay, the campaign of New Guinea, Zigzag Pass, the amphibious assault landing on Bataan, Corrigidor, the Philippines, the Zambales mountains, Cabello, Fort Drum and Wawa Dam.

He has the American Theater Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Ribbon (3 stars), Philippine Liberation Ribbon (1 star), Good Conduct Ribbon, Victory Ribbon and one Service Stripe.

Clarence Leon Moore was born October 12, 1920 and attended Live Oak School in Watson, Louisiana. He joined the Naval Reserve, September 30, 1940 at New Orleans, Louisiana and served on the USS West Virginia and the USS President Monroe..


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