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Ship Log Cover

The log book cover for the USS Shangri-La.  Bonnie Lee Fry served aboard during WW-II - 1945

September 15, 1946
Commanding Officer Captain W. P. Cogswell, USN
Executive Officer CDR. D. B. Overfield, USN
Air Officer CDR J. A. Thomas, USN
Communication Officer CDR. T. W. Hillis, USN
Dental Officer CDR. P. W. Suitor, USN
First Lieutenant LCDR. W. Godwin, USN
Engineering Officer CDR. H. D. Kermode, USN
Gunnery Officer CDR. C. E. Conboy, USN
Medical Officer CDR. C. P. Phoebus, USN
Navigator CDR. J. B. Burks, USN
Supply Officer CDR. I. T. Brooks, USN
Chaplain Lieut. P. N. Oklevik, USNR

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